Thank you for taking time to learn more about our company and why we are specialists in Rubber and Polyurethane roll cover technology


Formed in 1973 by a husband and wife team, Rapid is wholly Australian owned and family operated with a proud history of supplying a wide range of rubber rollers to all industries.

As a former sales representative and factory manager within the Dunlop group, M Wilkins took out on his own to start a roller company which could provide a quality product and unmatched service.


With his wife beside him, they began production in a small factory in Preston, Victoria in 1973. 

This factory was quickly out grown, so the business was moved with a group of loyal employees to a larger factory in Fairfield.


From his Dunlop days Walter had gained extensive knowledge of rubber processing techniques, processes and physical and chemical attributes of rubber roller covers.

As always roll coverings were advancing, as were technologies and production methods.

Once the company was up and running Walter went in search of the latest technology and along his travels made many friends and alliances with some of the worlds greatest roll cover manufacturers. Many of whom are still freinds to this day. 


Further expansions saw the installation of our own ruber mixing facility which allowed us to make all compounds in house to better service our customers. Once again we had out grown this premises and expanded yet again, this time maintaining the existing factory solely for rubber compounding, mixing and R&D. Rubber roll covering and grinding were and are still to this day our speciality.


Looking for continual advancements and to meet the changing demands of various industries, we started manufacturing and supplying polyurethane roller coverings for a range of different applications. Once again Walter approached his network of friends within the industry for formulations, advice and techniques. We successfully produced cast elastomers for many years and as technology advanced, we purchased machinery to ribbon cast our polyurethanes without the need for moulds.


Servicing many various industries across Australia and into New Zealand and Indonesia, our team of loyal production workers, sales representatives and delivery drivers truely can be credited with offering and producing a first class product and exceptional service.   


In 2001 a subsidiary company called Rapid Pacific Roll Covering was established from the aquisition of the roller division from Pacific Dunlop. With this aquisition we yet again were reaching new markets and our capabilities were enhanced furthermore.


With a lot of time and effort spent on a complete refurbishing program at Rapid Pacific, the family along with Walter thought it best to run both companies from the one manufacturing site. From our current roll covering facility in Bayswater we were able to centralise our operations to allow stricter quality controls and improve service.

This expansion made us the largest roller covering facility in Australia with operational capacities to handle from the smallest to the largest jobs.


New equipment is being installed and updated as technology becomes available, and we continue to service all industries across Australia, New Zealand and throughout S.E Asia


Currently into our fifth decade we have a great team of staff, production personell and many loyal customers. The company is still Australian owned and managed by Walter and his family.


Please contact us if you have any requirements for rolls to be covered in either rubber or polyurethane and if you require any regrind services.