From our manufacturing site in Bayswater, we offer these services:


  • Full recover

    • we strip back your existing cover

    • prep the roller shell for application of a new continuous strip extruded roll cover.

    • Vulcanise the roller to ensure maximum cohesion of the rubber and adhesion to the shell.

    • Grind to profile (parallel, crowned, grooved etc)

  • Regrind

    • Once your roller has run for a period of time it can be necessay to re-grind the surface back to original profile.

  • Pickup & Delivery

    • Our drivers can arrange pick up from your site and delivey upon completion

  • Fast Turnaround

    • We have multiple grinders so we can turnaround your regrinds quickly to minimise your downtime

    • With notice our recovers can also be completed in relatively short periods to keep your production running.

    • We carry various rubber compounds in stock and also mix to order. If you have a breakdown recover there is a good chance we will have your cover material available.

  • Other Services

    • bearing replacment

    • shaft replacement

    • journal repairs

    • end treatment and painting

Onsite consultations

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Regrind service
Pick up & Delivery
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